Reporting false information, or omitting required information, will invalidate an application. This could result in a deferral of the offer, rejection of the application, or dismissal of the applicant from the institute if already enrolled.

By submitting the application, the applicant grants permission to BAMSI to make any necessary inquiries to any former institution, government agency, employer, person, firm, corporation, its officers, employees and agents, or any other person or entity to verify such information.

Official transcripts must show all courses completed, grades posted, and graduation dates (if applicable). The transcript should be submitted in a sealed envelope in order to be considered official. Electronic transcripts will only be accepted as official if the are emailed directly from the Registrar's office of the institution and is accompanied by a secured password protected system. Photocopies and facsimiles will not be accepted as official transcripts.

Applicants who attended institutions in non-English-speaking countries should submit certified translations of their documentation along with the originals.

Information on the requirements for admittance into specific courses or programmes is available in the programme descriptions further on in this Catalog.