Once a student would have been advised, he/she would be half way through the registration process. Each student accepted to pursue a programme of study at BAMSI and those who have met eligibility criteria for promotion are required to register at the beginning of each semester on the dates specified, by completing and submitting a registration form and payment of subsequent fees. Registration allows you the full privileges of student membership, such as attending classes and sitting examinations at the Institute. If you are absent, without acceptable reasons, from examinations in courses for which you are registered, you will be deemed to have failed such course(s).

LATE REGISTRATION: Penalties, including payment of a late registration fee, will apply to students who fail to register within three (3) days after the scheduled registration day. Only in very exceptional circumstances, and with special permission from the President and/or Executive Director, will students be allowed to register after the registration period for a given semester has closed. BAMSI reserves the right not to register an individual after the close of registration, although he/she may have been attending classes.

CHANGE OF REGISTRATION: ADDING OR DROPPING COURSES: If you wish to make subsequent changes to your course registration, you may do so during the add/drop period (as per the date indicated in the academic calendar) by completing and submitting the appropriate form to the Registrar. Generally, the period for adding courses is two weeks from the official start of a given semester. Courses may be dropped by the 9th week during the semester, without academic penalty. Where applicable, refunds of fees will be pro-rated when courses are dropped.