Fee Refund Policy

Refund of fees will be made as outlined in the table below upon official withdrawal of a student from a programme of study at BAMSI, or the dropping of courses in the non-subsidized programmes, or under other applicable circumstances. To be official, withdrawal or dropping of courses must be in writing and submitted to the Registrar. The date on which the withdrawal request is received by the Registrar will be used for computing any refund. ‘Days of classes’ are days on which classes are scheduled. There will be no refunds of registration service charges and other fees expressly stated as being non-refundable. If you are expelled, suspended or have your residential l privilege cancelled, you will not be entitled to any refund of fees.

Table 1: Refund of Fees. Please note that these do not apply to students enrolled in short courses or certain certificate courses

SEMESTER 90 % 75 % 50 % 0 %


Before classes begin

During the 1st week of classes

During the 2nd week of classes

After the 2nd week of classes


Before classes begin

1st & 2nd day of classes

3rd & 4th day of classes

After 4th day of classes