You are expected to attend all lecture classes and labs regularly. You are also responsible for materials covered during your absences. There is a strong correlation between academic performance and class attendance. Lecturers may be willing to consult with you for makeup assignments, but it is your responsibility to contact the Lecturer. Class attendance is monitored daily. Although it is your responsibility to drop a course for nonattendance, the Lecturer has the authority to drop you for excessive absences. You may be dropped from a course after accumulating absences in excess of 12.5 percent of the total hours of instruction (lecture and lab). For example:

  • For a 3 credit-hour lecture class meeting 3 hours per week (ex. 45 hours of instruction), you can be dropped after 6 hours of absence.
  • For a 4 credit-hour lecture/lab course meeting 6 hours per week (ex. 90 hours of instruction), you can be dropped after 11 hours of absence. Administrative drops are at the discretion of the Lecturer. Failure to withdraw officially can result in a grade of “F” in the course. You will not be eligible for refund. Punctuality or being on time mirrors professionalism. All students are expected to be punctual at all times for classes or other BAMSI functions. A lecturer can mark you as absent if you are more than 15 minutes late, leave class early and fail to return, or sleep in class.