Academic Responsibility

Members of the BAMSI community have an obligation to respect the dignity of others, to acknowledge their right to express differing opinions, and to foster and defend intellectual honesty, and freedom of inquiry and instruction on and off campus. Those who seek to call attention to grievances must not do so in ways that significantly impede the functions of the Institute. It is a violation for anyone to prevent the conduct of Institute business, including lectures, meetings, events (such as tours or job interviews), ceremonies, or other necessary business and community functions. Students who disrupt the functions of the Institute may be subject to the judicial process.

Evaluation of students must be based on academic performance professionally judged and not on matters unrelated to that performance, such as personality, race, religion, degree of political involvement, or personal beliefs. If a student has a grievance against a faculty member that cannot be resolved directly with the faculty member who is involved, then the student should take her or his concerns to the administrative office.